Train your brain with


Driving a race requires reflexes and attention
but also memory and the ability to do many things at once.
Try with MeMonaco !
This challenge contains 3 parts:
  1. test your reaction time and control inhibition
  2. race the Monaco circuit
  3. keep in mind information for the press conference
Choose your car
Keep in mind !
  • For this race you need to take 50L of gas
  • If you finish first you will have a bonus of 11000 euros
  • If you finish second you will have a bonus of 8000 euros
  • If you finish third you will have a bonus of 5000 euros

Now, test your reaction time !

A light will appear here.

If the light is green, tap as fast as possible on it.

If the light is red, do not tap !

Tap here when you are ready to begin.

Time to race !

To start the race you will have to keep your finger (or pencil or mouse) on your car.

Be ready to start at the green light

Then keep your finger on the screen and follow the track

Go fast as possible !

Take care each time you get out of the track you loose 500 euros

Warning : if you touch the black wall, you will have to start the race over !

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Wrecked !

You run into a wall...

Press conference !

How much gas did you take for this course ?
You finished the race on the place.
How much is your bonus ?
Hom many times did you get out of the track ?


Reaction test

The race

Memory test